A note from your publisher

Over the past several weeks we all have been forced to deal with the threat of Corona Virus (COVID-19). It has destroyed our economy which was the strongest that we have ever had. The newspaper has been proclaimed an essential business and we have worked very hard to fulfill that obligation .
The CAmeron Parish  Pilot brings you real news using every format we have available at our disposal to get the word out to our readers. We want to inform you of the dangers and advise you on the steps being taken to remedy the problem.

Using the printed edition of the newspaper as well as the vast power of the internet through our Facebook page and our website, www.cameronpilot.com we have been diligently working for you publishing every word our elected officials offer us. It is our desire to be the “trusted source” of our readers during this challenging time.

As we have listened to governmental officials and healthcare professionals, both on a local, parish, state and national level we fear this situation could go on for months.

Great strides are being made to remedy the situation at hand, and our leaders are asking us to heed the advise to stay home to flatten the curve which many of you have diligently complied.

Many scientists across the nation and medical experts are working tirelessly along side the power of our countries’ industry leaders and results are being made.

This nation has endured an epidemic, “The Spanish Flu” which spread across the United States in 1918. Additionally, the United States has withstood a depression, two World Wars, The Korean War, Vietnam War, many Hurricane disasters and other challenges. So we can find hope that we will come back strong, as Americans do.

Since 1957, my family, has all worked hard to inform the public of the news and keep you informed.

We invite everyone to get a subscription to Cameron Parish Pilot. It is online or available through the printed form. Do it now, stay informed!

Jeffra Wise DeViney, Publisher