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Who's Who

-In Cameron Parish

Myrna Conner - AFLAC Veteran, 18 Years

Myrna Conner, 2017 AFLAC Hall of Fame Inductee

I always knew that the second part of my career would be in the insurance industry. I also knew that it would be for AFLAC - the largest supplemental company. I studied this company, owned by a wonderful family and knew I had to have the best for my policyholders. Life is so precious and important. When a medical crisis occurs, our lives change. My desire is to be there for my policy holders and represent this amazing company.

A Fortune 500 Company

AFLAC is one of Fortune’s best companies to work for and one of the most admired.

Lake Charles Regional Office

1717 E. Prien Lake Road, Suite 4, Lake Charles


Cameron Parish Office

162 T-John Road, Grand Lake


905-4687 (Office) 794-3020 (Cell) 905-4688 (Fax)

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