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In the News

Opinions varied widely on name of background boat

(Editor's Note--This story was published in the “This Week” column that ran in The Cameron Parish Pilot Thursday, Apr. 4, 1957.)


By Jerry Wise

The photo of the old mail boat, “Eva”, which we ran last week has created a good deal of interest and stirred up a little controversy. We identified the boat in the background as Capt. Charlie Nelson’s schooner, but Miss Oma Miller forwarded us the following information:

“The schooner with its flag, proudly flying, was not for Capt. Charlie Nelson. That was the E.O. Gladys Schooner, owned by A. Miller & Son. J. N. Miller and Lee Nunez recognized the mistake at once. J. N. Miller was there when this old time picture was taken.”

Then we heard from William Duhon, of Lake Arthur that he had been on the “Eva” when the picture was taken in 1910 and that the boat in the background is the old “Oliver.”

And from Mrs. Bernice Stewart, our Klondike reporter, comes the following note:

“Captain L. V. Laurents and Guy Laurents upon seeing last week’s copy of the Pilot phoned to say that in the picture of the “Eva” and of Capt. Nelson’s schooner, the latter was the “D. Hebert”, named for Desire Hebert, a friend of the older Laurents. The schooner was built for two brothers, Capt. William Laurents and Jules Laurents, in Back Bay at Biloxi, Miss. Jules was the father of L. V. and Guy. The “D. Hebert” was sold by the Laurents brothers to Capt. Charlie Nelson.

Any further light on this subject would be appreciated. Personally we are confused.

This issue of the Pilot marks the beginning of the second six months of existence for the Cameron Parish Pilot - a relatively short time, but still a big mile stone for a struggling young business.

In looking back over the first half year, we find that we have made more progress, put out a better paper and generally had more success than we originally anticipated.

And this backward look convinces us of one big thing: the success of the Pilot is due almost entirely to the wonderful reception and cooperation from you nice people of Cameron Parish.

The Pilot’s advertising is still increasing; we are improving our news coverage each week; and our circulation has now reached the 1,100 mark - (on the latter part we owe much thanks to the 4-H club members of the parish, who put our circulation campaign over in such a big way.)

We got a good close look at those are Roseate Spoonbills on the Sabine Refuge Sunday. We saw nine of the beautiful pink-colored birds right along the road, just south of the refuge headquarters, and must admit they are about the prettiest birds we have ever seen.

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