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In the News

New rules proposed for RV parks in District 2

By Cyndi Sellers

Stringent new RV park rules have been proposed for Cameron Parish Police Jury District 2, and will be voted upon at the December Police Jury meeting.

As presented at the monthly Police Jury meeting Friday, Sept. 7, the proposed ordinance will not apply to any other area of the parish, or to any RV park already permitted by Dec. 1, 2018.

Under the proposed rules, no single RV park in the district shall contain more than 50 RVs. A “single RV park” will include contiguous lands, even if contiguous only at one point and even if separately owned.

Additionally, RVs must be located 40 feet apart, and 40 feet from the property line, and a six foot privacy fence must be erected two feet inside the property line.

These proposed rules will be advertised for public comment for 45 days, and a hearing will be held at the December meeting before the vote.

Another RV park vote will be taken at the November meeting: an ordinance amendment to define RV parks as two or more owner-occupied RVs on a single piece of property.

A permit request from the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority for the Calcasieu Salinity Control Project was deleted from the agenda on a motion made by Cameron area Police Juror Davy Doxey.

At a public meeting on June 21 in Creole, CPRA representatives promised not to seek a permit until another meeting is held to answer the issues brought out by attendees. That meeting has not been held, and jurors will not grant a permit until it happens.

Jurors did grant a liquor permit, which had been tabled from last month, to the Dollar General Store in Grand Lake.

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