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Parish has had share of beautiful teachers

(Editor's Note--This story was first printed in the Cameron Parish Pilot in about 1958. It was written by Archie Hollister, principal of the Klondike School and Cameron Parish’s unofficial historian. Hollister is now deceased.)


By Archie S. Hollister

It is more or less the current fashion to deride those benighted individuals who lament the passing of the “good old days”. In the superiority of our knowledge and the sophistication of our understanding, we explain to them, as painlessly as possible of course, just how bad those bygone days really were.

But perhaps those old boys have a point after all. This picture shows the teaching staff of Cameron back in 1911, and while everyone is aware that our educational system, on the whole, has advanced greatly since then, in the matter of appearance and personal good looks -- (Pause here for reflection; one could get into trouble.) No, I didn’t say it -- in fact I didn’t think it -- but an acquaintance of mine did remark, and I quote: “There are more pretty girls on that front porch than you can find at any teachers’ meeting in Cameron today.” End of quote!

The setting is the front porch of Mrs. Bill Stine’s hotel in Cameron, and the occasion was a “Teachers’ Institute,” which was the quaint expression then employed for what we would refer to as a “workshop” today.

At the extreme left in the bottom row is Miss Willie Cain, and the next is Jewell McPherson. The third is Estelle Martin who married Ott Stewart, and made Cameron her permanent home.

To read the rest of this story, please see page four of the print edition of The Cameron Parish Pilot.

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