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In the News

Early childhood program top in state

By Cyndi Sellers

The Cameron Parish Community Network early childhood education programs, which include Head Start and Cameron Parish Schools Pre-K classes, have been ranked number one in the state by the Louisiana Department of Education. The six sites scored an overall measure of classroom quality of 5.83 (out of 7), compared to the state average of 4.98 in CLASS observations. The CLASS tool focuses on the quality of teacher-child interactions and the instructional depth of the learning.

Cameron Parish scored above the state average in all measures of classroom quality, scoring 6.42 in emotional support, 6.33 in classroom organization, and 4.73 in instructional support. Cameron Parish reported over 90% of 4-year-olds enrolled in programs designed to help children achieve kindergarten readiness.

Two Cameron Parish sites received additional recognition. The Grand Lake High School Pre-K program made the Excellence Honor Roll, one of only 40 sites out of 1600 in the state to do so. Scores of 6-7 rank as excellent. The Hackberry High School Pre-K program was recognized on the Top Gains Honor Roll, having grown one or more points from the precious year’s score. At 5.99, Hackberry was only .01 away from an Excellent rating.

The School Board recognized both high scoring programs with framed certificates at the regular board meeting on Monday, presented by Early Childhood Supervisor Lindsey Fontenot.

Obligated Funds

At long last FEMA has obligated funds for modifications and upgrades for accessibility and for re-roofing at Hackberry High School. Project Manager James Hoffpauir said architect David Brossett will now begin to develop plans and specifications for Board approval, with $1,687,000 available for bids.

The low bid of $31,500 on fencing for the north property boundary at Johnson Bayou High School was submitted by C. Core. With total FEMA funds available around $140,000,

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