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In the News

$20 million approved for new Cameron ferry

By Robin Richardson, KPLC

After the end of the Legislative Session on Thursday, June 6, a House Bill was passed that would provide the funds necessary to replace the Cameron Ferry.

House Bill 578 provides nearly 700 million dollars to Louisiana road projects. If signed by Governor John Bel Edwards, 20 million will go to the funding of a new ferry.

Cameron Parish resident Aquilla Portie is hopeful of the bill’s success.

“There’s so many times that of course we have a light that says the ferry is out," Portie said." But, many times people pass by it’s not flashing, then by the time they get to Cameron, which is about 20 minutes, the ferry is out. So they got to turn around come back and go back around. It’s been a lot of talk for many years. So people I don’t know are very accepting of it yet."

State Representative of District 47 Ryan Bourriaque says it’s a long time coming.

“I think this is a win, win from a lot of different perspectives," Bourriaque said. " Especially for the fact that it required no new tax to fund this infrastructure piece.”

“I mean if it’s not breaking down every week that would be wonderful to us Cameron Parish itself," Resident Bridge Curtis said. "I mean that’s what we’ve been asking for for so long.”

Bourriaque worked with Legislatures to make sure the need was understood.

“We were very fortunate to see it amended into the bill and then stay," Bourriaque said.

The Governor’s office confirmed that Governor Edwards intends to sign the bill.

Bourriaque says while the end goal is a bridge this will be good for the meantime.

“You have to live in the interim," Bourriaque said. "Maybe we didn’t bring back the bacon home from the legislative session but maybe we got some bacon bits.”

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