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In the News

Sabine Pass Lighthouse receives temporary repairs

By Cyndi Sellers

Temporary repairs and stabilization of the Sabine Pass Lighthouse is complete, but there is a lot more work to be done, according to the The Cameron Preservation Alliance - Sabine Lighthouse group which met in Cameron Jan. 14 for an update.

President Andy Tingler said the International Chimney Corp. crew has departed after removing all the scaffolding and remaining supplies from the site. A large plywood box has been added to the top of the structure, covering the opening that previously let in rain. Steel bands were applied to stop the top from cracking, and new bricks and mortar were applied to the top portion of the tower.

Now the task is to raise the rest of the money needed for full restoration. Several ideas were discussed, including a drive to have donors buy individual stair sections for a new spiral staircase, a celebrity chef dinner, a commemorative t-shirt, and continuing the 5K races. The Gibbstown Bridge 5K will be held Saturday, Apr. 18, the second race in the Cameron Parish Triple Crown. Individual and corporate donations are welcome at any time.

Tingler reported that the temporary floating bridge is being removed from Lighthouse Bayou this week, and road conditions, including a section of the private road washing into the Sabine River, have mandated the closure of the road to visitors until further notice. Permission to repair the washout is being sought from the US Army Corps of Engineers.

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