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In the News

Sabine Pass Lighthouse access restricted

International Chimney Corporation has arrived on site at the Sabine Pass Lighthouse to begin the work of "mothballing" the aging structure. The first step will be to apply steel bands to keep cracks in the masonry from widening, and to repair the cracks with historically appropriate mortar. Workers will also remove part of the rusted metal superstructure that once housed the lantern and build a temporary wooden roof to keep out rain and weather. The metal pieces will be stored for later use in reconstruction. The windows and doors will also be closed up.

The workers are able to access the lighthouse using a floating bridge that was built last month. While the work is going on, access to the lighthouse will be restricted. Contact Andy Tingler, Cameron Preservation Alliance President, for more information.

The Cameron Preservation Alliance owns the historic structure and has been raising money for many years to try to preserve and eventually restore it. Enough funds have been accumulated to hire ICC to perform this preliminary work. ICC is the same company that moved the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse away from the eroding North Carolina coast several years ago. The Alliance continues to raise money for the eventual restoration of the lighthouse.

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