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In the News

Sheriff's deputies honored Monday

By Cyndi Sellers

Two Cameron Parish Deputy Sheriff’s were honored Monday for their prompt actions resulting in the saving of two lives last fall. In a formal ceremony before family, friends and co-workers, Deputies Kelly Cloud and Kenneth Raimer were presented with commendation medals and certificates recognizing their actions.

Sheriff Ron Johnson said deputies get ready for work every day not knowing when they may be called upon to perform some life saving action. “We can be the first link of a chain of life-saving capability,” he said. “The Sheriff’s Office, Ambulance Districts, and Fire Departments all work together. Thank God he put the right people in the right place at the right time.”

On Aug. 19, 2017, Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office Communications Officers received a call from Gwen Poole that her husband Johnny Poole was unresponsive on the floor. Deputy Kelly Cloud arrived four minutes later, checked for a pulse and began CPR, continuing until Hackberry EMS arrived and relieved him four minutes later. Poole was transported to West Calcasieu-Cameron hospital where he was treated and released after a short stay.

On Nov. 20, 2017, at lunchtime, Deputy Raimer was at the Hackberry substation when he was advised that a contract worker had collapsed at the Hackberry EMS station next door. At 12:08 p.m. he advised the Cameron dispatcher and began CPR. He continued for seven minutes until EMS personnel arrived on the scene and took over. Chris Junek had suffered a heart attack. He was transported to West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital where he recovered and was later released.

Sheriff Johnson said both deputies’ efforts and quick response to persons in need were key to the survival of the victims. “They are to be commended for exemplary performance of duty, and their actions should stand as an inspiration for others.”

Both survivors and their families were present at the commendation ceremony. Many hugs, thanks, and group photos followed.

To read the rest of this story, please see page three of the print edition of The Cameron Parish Pilot.

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