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In the News

Performance scores increase in parish

Submitted by Charley Lemons, Superintendent

“Cameron Parish School District strives to maintain a strong District Performance Score in the state accountability system, and we are proud that we saw a 4.6 increase in total points over the previous year moving us from a “B” to an “A” district. This growth places us 6th in the state,” stated Superintendent Charley Lemons.

All four schools increased their School Performance Scores. Grand Lake High earned an “A,” while Hackberry High, Johnson Bayou High and South Cameron High earned a “B.” No schools received a “C,” “D” or “F” letter grade or Academic, Discipline or Comprehensive Urgent Intervention Labels.

The Cameron Parish Early Childhood Centers earned the top rating, 5.95, for the third consecutive year.

Grand Lake High School is a 2019 Top Gain Honoree and Equity Honoree.

Grand Lake High School Pre-K, Hackberry High School Pre-K and South Cameron Early Learning Center were named to the 2018-2019 Early Childhood Excellent Honor Roll. In order to earn this honor, a site must average a 6.0 or higher on CLASS for the fall and spring combined observation.

All four schools earned an “A” letter grade for Strength of Diploma and Graduation Rate. Hackberry High School, Johnson Bayou High School and South Cameron High School had 100% graduation rates.

Cameron Parish increased in all of the seven categories which make up the District Performance Score:

1) K8 and High School Assessment Index with a 2.2 point increase

2) K8 and High School Progress Index with a 1.6 point increase o Dropout Credit Accumulation Index with a 3.7 point increase

3) ACT Index with a 2.0 point increase

4) Strength of Diploma with a 6.0 point increase

5) Cohort Graduation Rate Index with a 26.5 point increase

6) Cohort Graduation Rate with a 4.3 increase

Cameron Parish School System also had top score, and only A, in the five parish area.

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